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08 iOS app development trends will rule 2019

Apple always keeps itself reinvented and modernized since the very first day founded to remain their leading position in the world of software development. Each change implement by Apple has been prove to be trend. And the followings are things that Apple would make trending in the year of 2019.

Mainstream of Machine Learning

A sub-type of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning is a science that uses statistical techniques that enable computer systems “learn” about the user and data, without being explicitly programmed. In simple terms, it’s the ability of a system or program to adapt to new data independently, without any input given to its programming.

Apple launched a framework, Core Machine Learning (CoreML) to be used to build apps across various Apple devices. Such type of framework can create apps that are very fast and highly responsive as compared to general iOS apps. CoreML mainly shines in its integration with QuickType, Siri, and the iPhone camera. For the past two years, CoreML has made a huge name in iOS-based game app development with AI-enabled apps accessing face detection and voice recognition technologies.

iOS Security is the top priority

Losing personal data has become the warning thread over the past few years. Event key figures in the technology industry like Facebook and Apple have involved in the cased of personal data leak. In the meantime, hackers have improved their tech and got more advanced. So, not only Apple, others technology company also focus on the issue of enhancing their security to readily encounter any attack. For Apple is at the same time the software application development company and platform provider, concerns about security are mandatory for both the applications released and the platform also.

All the iOS apps are provided with an internal virtual “glass case” created by the operation system. This would restrict the number of channels through which the app could interact with the system. Besides, Apple also apply two-factor authentication technique for all of their apps currently to face modern cyber-attack. The iOS developers, therefore, should familiar themselves with newly developed security policies of Apple to adapt quickly with the changes.

Cloud Integration

Introducing, iOS 12’s new app specifically for file management. This app is cloud-based which stores all the user data in a single file which can be accessed at any time from any device. This is a much-needed boon for enterprises and also for individuals who don’t have the heart to delete old pictures.

Introducing cloud storage solutions to your app will be a sought-after iOS application development trend for 2019. For the users, it’s as simple as setting up a dashboard for your account and store all your pictures, music, videos, and documents. By having a single cloud-based folder you don’t need to search for things separately. Integrating cloud storage to your iOS app development has many benefits like reduced cost of hosting, better storage and backup data infrastructure, faster-streamlining operations, etc.

Swift 4 popularity among iOS developers

Swift has long been recognized as favorite programming language among Apple iOS app developers. With the new release last year (Swift 4) is now compatible with iOS platform and at the same time Linux OS. With this upgrade, developers now think of mac OS and tv OS pre-compilation.

Using Swift 4 is predicted to be massive trend among iOS developers working in application development industry, especially iOS. Beside the fact that Swift is not difficult to learn, the programming language is also known for its scalable ability and security robust. In addition, it fastens the process of development and occupies much less memory then previous versions. The standard library of the language is also improved, the developers now can utilize the string implementation in an easier way and maintain Unicode while managing the correctness of substrings.

IoT and Wearable devices rule the houses

The number of internet devices all over the world by 2020 is predicted to be 50 billion – by Cisco. And averagely, each person on the earth would likely to interact with 10 devices at least. Apple of course does not want to be left behind in this race. The brand has been increasing it development and secure in IoT based software to enhance the user’s experience in using digital signals for sensors and transducers.

Apple’s Homekit, thanks to the movement of IoT devices, become more and more popular. The device allow users to connect with their IoT devices through an unique mobile app developed by Apple.

With the development of Iot mobile deveices and Apple’s Homekit – and platform that allow it’s users to spontaneously connect with their IoT devices – now people could visualize that they could control their home in distance via the devices connected to the internet.

Apple Pay becomes more popular

Majority of apps in the app store need some kind of payment integration for services or products. For this purpose, some apps accept 3rd party payment apps and while some accept credit/debit card, net banking. But for iPhone users, there is a universal mode of online payment. Apple Pay, a digital wallet created by Apple Inc. Apple Pay will change the whole perspective of future money transaction for iPhone users.

Apple Pay can be used for any type of payment; food ordering, ticket booking, table reservations, bank payments, online shopping, etc. Apple Pay is supported by all Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, desktops, MacBooks, iWatches, etc. A plus point with Apple Pay is its security; you don’t need to save your credit/debit card details. Due to such secure payment option, the transactions on Apple Pay have raised by 500% since its release.

New stepping stone of Artificial Intelligence and Siri

Do you like Iron man? Which is the most important power that he has?

No, it’s not plasma blasters or mini rockets. The best weapon he has is his AI friend JARVIS: the computer that can do (almost) anything. From Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk, from Alan Perlis to Stephen Hawkins; Artificial Intelligence has intrigued brilliant minds and rich businessmen for years. If we specifically talk about Apple, Siri is the AI based assistant that every Apple device user gets. Siri has been a very big reason why people choose iOS over Android.

Apple released its latest SiriKit for iOS developers to integrate Siri with their apps so that your user can access app features via Siri. There are many benefits of integrating SiriKit with your app, like user access from the lock screen and hands-free use. The integration is possible for all iOS device apps and WatchOS apps (for iWatch). All the learning is done locally so Siri can be useful for your app even without internet (if your app doesn’t need internet to work).

Your app, if integrated with Siri will also be available in the new shortcut app section. You may be aware of the reach and abilities of Siri, now just imagine with above features how much can your iOS app achieve for the user and for you. SiriKit can also be used for Apple’s HomePod. So, Siri can understand requests given from the HomePod and send those requests to the iOS device. So the craze of having an AI assistant integration to your app will definitely be an iOS application development trend for 2019.

These advancements have opened an endless string of opportunity for iOS app developments. Without any doubt, Core Machine Learning is going to be a huge iOS application development trend for 2019.


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